Analytical Miniaturization and Nanotechnology


Permanent members:

Dr. Jesús Alberto Escarpa Miguel, (Group leader, Full Professor)

Dra. María Cristina González Martín, (Full Professor)

Dr. Miguel Ángel López Gil, (Full Professor)

Dra. Beatriz Jurado Sánchez, (Ramón y Cajal Researcher)



Dr. Juan Víctor Perales Rondón (Juan de la Cierva-Formación Postdoctoral researcher)

Dr. Roberto María Hormigos (Postdoctoral Researcher, UAH)


PhD students:

Daniel Rojas Tizón (Marie Curie COFUND fellowship)

Águeda Molinero Fernández (FPU MEC fellowship)

Marta Pacheco Jerez (FPU MEC fellowship)

Tania Sierra Gómez (FPI UAH fellowship)

Kaisong Yuan (Hired predoctoral researcher)

Víctor de la Asunción Nadal (FPI UAH fellowship)

Silvia Dortez Herranz (FPI MICIU)

Juan Francisco Hernández Rodríguez (FPI UAH fellowship)

José Gordón Pidal (CAM-predoctoral researcher)

Javier Bujalance Fernández (CAM-predoctoral researcher)

Irene Malonda Herráez (Project Manager & Administrator)



Dr. Agustín González Crevillén (UNED)

Dra. María Moreno Guzmán (UCM)

About us

MINYNANOTECH explores the potential of analytical micro and nanotechnologies for solving problems in the clinical and food safety fields using electrochemical techniques and fluorescence microscopy. The research group carries out the design and development of new (bio)sensing approaches using lab-on-a-chips, magnetic beads platforms, microfluidic platforms and wearable-type platforms as well as artificial catalytic micromotor technology. Its scientific production is summarized in more than 150 research papers in international journals, 3 complete books, more than 10 international book chapters, 4 patents and more than 100 communications to congresses (more than 25 invited international conferences). Such research articles have been highlighted in many scientific and social media. The group maintains stable international collaborations with prestigious research groups.

MINYNANOTECH participate in highly competitive projects financially supported by the European Union (ERC, Marie Curie IOF, Marie Curie COFUND) as well as technology transfer project (Caixa Impulse 2017). Since 2001, MINYNANOTECH has received competitive research funding from the Spanish Ministry National Plans, with FPI fully funded contracts to hire several PhD students.

MINYNANOTECH has also a strong commitment in the supervision of Doctoral Theses, which have or receive frequent mention and prices, including 1 Lilly-RSEQ National Price, 3 Best Chemistry Doctoral Thesis of the Community of Madrid-RSEQ, 1 Funcas National Price, 1 Sociedad de Condueños-UAH Price and 6 Extraordinary Doctorate awards.